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$140,000. he says the tsa overreacted. >> arrest and being brought into santa rita jail were outrageous. >> he says he's been traveling with the watch art piece and similar ones with no problems and he says he brought it here for a class he teaches once a week at academy of art. the spokesman says bottom line, tsa and deputies were doing jobs. if they found another item like this, they'd do the same thing, again. >> just because you can make an artsy watch that looks like a trigger device for ied, you can make a art handgun doesn't mean it's a good idea to bring it to the airport. >> mcbegan says he supports what the tsa does, but believes they went too far.
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his lawyer says hees he's going find a judge to find him innocent ask erase the arrest from his record. >> thank you. pg&e is go asking for -- a 57-year-old wop was abducted. utility is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction. the men drove her to several atms before letting her go. that is video of one of the suspects. >> this is just outrageous act of crime. look at the sketch. police want to find this guy and they're offering a $20,000 reward for information that helps. now, police say he and a
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26-year-old are responsible for the crime spree friday night. a memorial pays tribute to the 22-year-old killed, sadly during this spree. police say they shot and killed a campbellnñq" trying to car jack him after robbing four businesses. these guys out of control, authorities say. it started around 725 friday night on story road with the robbery of this pizza restaurant. 15 minutes later guess what happened. a gas station was hit as well. this is surveillance video we can show you a photo of the robbers. around 8:45 a robbery on jack at the box took place. i said this is just a crazy crime spree.
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the fourth robbery at a spa on bird avenue and minnesota avenue. and after 9:00 it continues. now, that led to shooting that killed the bystander we mentioned. then, just before 9:15 a shoot out with police, police officers intercepted these guys on highway 101 and followed them to6úpñ actually road. they got out of the car and started shooting. officers fired back and hit willbanks. this continued after this shootout. the men got back into the cars, started driving, shooting at police. the passenger jumped out, and ran, and that is who police are still looking for. but the driver willbanks kept
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going until he crashed near the airport. police caught him avenue ran into a house he was pretty beat up after the fight. this is how he looked. he will face serious charges and they're still trying to >> thank you. my goodness. >> police investigating a shooting that happened on mclaughlin avenue. officers found a young adult suffering from one gunshot. that person being treated in a hospital. police have not indicated what may have provoke that had shooting. a man is now in custody in san jose after he climbed on top of a city bus and held police at bay. no passengers were harmed and
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streets were closed as a precaution. the sheriff deputies trained?z(ñ in crisis management talked the man off of the bus this afternoon. that man is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. there is a somber remembrance today for a hayward give kidnapped 24 years ago today. michaela garecht was just nine when abducted from n.front of a hayward store this, year, the family is waiting for result that's could provide a hope, laura. >> that is right. yellow ribbons have been going up here two decades signifying the hope michaela could be returning home. this year amid reality her $ds they may not have the home coming they've been hoping for.
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sharon knows this may be the last time they hands out yellow ribbons to remember the day her 9-year-old disappeared from this parking lot. the gathering comes as a lab in virginia performs dna testing on a bone fragment found in a well. she says this year, the emotions are deep. >> this is large confusion, actually. >> the bone was found with others in a well containing remains of joanne hobson, one of the victims so of the called speed freak killers. the fragment believed to be that of a child aged 5-13 from the time period that included a year of michaela's disappearance. >> we need to get results which is what we're waiting on but there are other factors.. >> after delays testing is now supposed to be completed in weeks.
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>> i spent time looking for michaela, believing, not believing she's alive but just hoping and trying to reach out to her. and i'm still doing that. yet... there is just a cloud over everything. >> whatever the outcome she says she'll carry michaela with her as expressed in the poem she put with her daughter's picture. >> if there is a not together there is something you must always remember, you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and stronger than you think. the important thing if we are apart i will always be with you. >> and this surviving speed freak killer pointed remains we're told he has not said anything about michaela garecht.
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>> and confusion over which agency needs to sign off on repairs stopped work open the danieled chevron refinery in richmond. today they're m a meeting with officials and chevron agreed to stop the work until all parties can$d ñ agree on a plano rebuild. bay area air quality officials say it's not clear which agency would have to sign off. >> it's been aaechl plained we don't have here as much authority as we'd like to have. to be able to permit or not permit anything going forward. >> chevron hoped to get the damaged part of the refinery >> well, it looks like twinkies are not going away yet. hostess brands agreed to mediate.
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this means makers won't go out of business, at least not immediately. this is encouraging to people who love these products. >> that is right what. did yogi bear say? it ain't over until it's over? right. the jum has given what he called a last chance to try to work things out. work glerz oakland reacted to this 11th hour move. >> wec/20a will see what the outcome was of the mediation. >> today in white plains new york, the judge skdz whether mediations could help the two resolve issues, avoiding laying off 18,000 workers. the saying to not have had
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that step leaves a question mark over this case. with that said, two parties agreed to go into mediation as soon as tomorrow. the company has been announcing it was shutting down. the union has been on strike since november 9th. >> i'm a single mom. i feel bad. my kid was crying. regarding oh mommy you don't have a job. i tell him don't worry. anything, mommy is a strong person and can do anything, and get a job. >> word spread and thousands of people rushed to buy the treats. hostess warns if talks fail it will continue to liquid date and sell the brand. cruz worked here 28 years and is ready to move on. >> look for work.
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you know? what happened happened, you know? >> no comment from hostess tonight. the company is asking the judge to let them take bonuses to a number of senior managers. a memo hostess says it's not simply a matter of turning off lights and shutting doors. in the meantime, hostess products have been selling like hot cakes on ebay. you're look at a live picture on ebay. this development might help calm the bidding frenzy. >> a south bay charity juggling last minute turkey donations. this is a live look outside at
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the line in san jose. families have been going threw tl to get food for the holidays. this morning it's still a thousand turkeys shoirt. people heard about the news and this turkey started rolling in. >> makes me feel grateful. it's awesome. >> they're still about 200 turkeys short so they can use your help. and other charities are accepting donations for christmas. >> still to come here tonight new proof mid life crisis may have been passed on through animal that's display many of the same characteristicists.. >> new crimes of opportunities during holidays. police warn how you have so-to-worry about more than just purse snatchers. >> i'm sandhya patel live from the roof of the kgotv
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broadcast center. dry now but there is a storm on the way. i'll let you know if it will affect your plans coming up. >> making sure your kids get toys on the holiday list. and what you can say for the last minute.
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>> thieves going for the gold in fremont. tonight police chief will address community concerns about so called chain snatches in alúvrñmeeting at forest park elementary school. last month there are five gold chain snatches two ripped off victims walking into the ardenwood neighborhood two. suspects under arrest and police believe they may be part of a larger ring operating in that area doing this sort of thing. police say it's not gold being
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targeted. >> iphones, ipods also on want lists. >> we're telling people is that you're going on walks don't put both ear buds in ears. keep yun out. surroundings.. >> and the polqdñqn department has a new slogan to remind people to stay safe over the holidays. remove, lock or lose it. >> good advice. >> yes. >> great american toy hunt about to begin.:>x parents start looking for must have toys.. >> there are always some. advice on how to get the best toys. >>)c this year there is a split personality. those watching say you need to shop early, take a break then shop late. here is why. stores are filling up with shoppers. nowhere is it higher than on the toy aisle. >> right now, pop stars is
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what she wants. >> karen and her daughter ella are on the hunt already. look at toys, target says it figure out what hot sellers will be and says there will be plenty of them. "wall street journal" says toys will be tight this year, when it comes to toys adults don't know everything. >> if they have predicted it's monster high dolls it's going to be hard to say. is it a particular doll? is there an accessory or two? that can sell out quickly. >> true. yeah. and i'm in the sure, either. we find out soon. so i'm not sure which but there is usually everyone looking for same one depending on which sit. >> saying shoppers will do better holding back waiting for sales but this is the holiday season and finances
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aren't everything. >> if there is one thing that you know today would be devastated if they didn't see it interest for holidays might go to get it now. >> stores making it easier this year. target has an app allowing you to order a gift in the toy aisle with your child standing there, and your kid will never know it.]=&ó >> this will take you to the web site. is that is a toy we're looking at right there. >> wow. >> so as a parent you can order here. >> free shipping. >> this brings us back to ella. >> did you find what you're looking for? >> found it. it's the last one, you have one left. she wants a purple one. there are a couple more left. you do it have it. fantastic. >> families say shop early for must haves and hang back for secondary gifts.
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they can suspect a fire sale. a week before christmas, slim pickings. we've compiled a list opening as early as thursday, @u can browse the black friday sale. it's all at abc 7 >> madness and excitement about to begin. >> thank you. >> and sandhya patel is not with us in the building. >> but she's on the roof tonight watching a storm. >> hi. >> yes. cheryl, we do have a storm coming our way. just check out the view here. we have a beautiful view. we're looking at clouds moving in. mid and high level clouds a'd of the storm. we'll get it in and out of here just for holidays.+]z let me show you an outside view right now.
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san francisco, clouds going through. san francisco, high temperatures 65. now, going to live doppler 7 hd we have radar. it will be tracking storms. it's just seeing clouds as you can see there. this picked up showers in santa rosa. most moisture still north of us. crescent city now recording winds out of the south to 33 gusting to 51 miles. that is where the storm is. goitsing to get down here before you know it. temperatures mainly 60s. 57 in half moon bay. 70s in antioch today. and in oakland so it's been a beautiful day. highlights, showers in the north bay. rain spreading south. showers diminish. tomorrow morning grab umbrellas. rain in the north bay. temperatures upper 40s to low 50s so on the cool side. there is a stim well north of
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us. but this cold front will be bringing in rain. tonight rain line stays north. 5:00 a.m. moisture in the north bay. by moon could see showers south of the north bay around san francisco coastline. you can see the cold front going through. your wednesday morning get away is going to be on the wet side. if you wait this starts to clear out quickly and looking good for wednesday travels if rainfall totals two ichblgs in north bayfwqps countins. quarter to half in the peninsula. sierra nevada high snow levels rain windy tuesday, wednesday. some snow levels coming down only to 7500 feet wednesday.
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highs for tuesday tomorrow, cooler upper 50s to upper 60s. first in the north bay, monterey bay, temperatures low to upper 60s, afrt showers out of here wednesday morning. mostly sunny skies and mild for black friday and beyond. weekend looking tab plus. temperatures running milder friday and saturday. low to upper 60s by saturday. not looking bad at all. looks like timing couldn't be better with this system. i'm sandhya patel. >> great timing thank you. >> still ahead oakland fine wrest do it again. coming up a delivery for a newborn, this time, his first thanksgiving memorable. >> and a holiday warning for chp. number of people driving on drugs.
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why they're harder to watch. that is at 6:00. we'll be right back here.
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state senator ted lu says he will not introduce legislation to pay in a test of the new super majority power that's would have raised or could have raised as much as $4 kbrinl but the senator says political landscape changed and said he's going restore alternative ways to improve the infrom a structure. >> san francisco police on high alert for dangerous drivers around tonight's 49ers game..e3w officers exercising a patrol tonight between 7:00 p.m. and 3:00 a.m.
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is it a crack down before and after monday night football contest. the patrol officers on motorcycles who are skilled in detention of impaired driving will be out in force fro detective those that want to enjoy the event. >> humans apparently not the only one who's go flew tloou a mid life crisis. research shows great apes go through an emotional funk. the study is published in proceedings of the nation wral academy of sciences. findings suggest humans discontent could be a factor of evolution. note a product of modern human live. >> police officers made surprise visits to dozens of homes today to spread holiday cheer, they're handing out bags of foods in neighborhoods they protect. the food comes from donations made by officers and local businesses. safeway gave 100 turkeys this
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year. the drive organized by a police technician. >> we tried to supply them not just with thanksgiving feast but food items taking them into december, perhaps.ú ee >> officers made a stop at house of baby knollan, a new important officers helped deliver two weeks ago. the turkey weighed in at 13 pounds. >> well, a broadcast program created here in the bay area by local young people gets attention of the white house today. >> honor pres
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coming up at kf tracking down a military imposter. >> mike i need to talk to you but b.your navy s.e.a.l. background? wrufr in the military. >> a man who has been posing
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as a war hero. also, the breck through that is taking guesswork out of finding and fighting cavities. technology similar to live doppler 7. and if you can't beat them, join them. what stores are doing to compete against cheaper internet prices. >> right now back to dan and cheryl. >> some young people are honored by first lady michelle obama by the white house today. >> youth radio received a youth program award.ixciw >> it teaches 400er nerve dr dr under served young adults.. >> students can work as interns on a range of arts programs cool stuff. >> yes. this is "world news." tonight, plea for peace.

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